Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide tasty, nutritious whole grain snacks and foods that are planet friendly

We are Rooted In Science. Science creates the solid base for which our creativity is nurtured and our innovation can thrive. With a foundation in science our goals are to:

Support a healthy planet. We recognize that our planet, the Earth is in peril and business has a moral imperative to operate with a neutral carbon footprint and support processes that combat climate change.

Keep a responsible supply chain. We know where our ingredients come from and the people who produce them. We follow the manufacturing process from seed to snack food to ensure that our products are 100% allergen free.

Create flavorful and healthy products. Healthy foods get a bad wrap. Food should be flavorful and eating something done for pleasure. But we also believe that nutrients don’t have to be sacrificed in the process. We have a commitment to create healthy products that ultimately make healthier people.